We have partnered with SchoolHire to provide an online platform which advertises facilities across the UK that are available for hire.

  • SchoolHire is a ground-breaking enterprise that encourages social and communal interaction as well as promoting healthier lifestyles in the opening up of fitness facilities to the wider public.
  • Customers will be able to send a booking request direct to a venue, the booking request will include all the  details required by the establishment for a member of our facility management team to approve after review.
  • The days of waiting for responses (calls/emails) querying customers over a slot that and trying to print and scan back an old fashioned booking form are over. The bookings section will allow us to review all current bookings, view invoices, message the venue, as well as any actions required in relation to the booking (e.g. Request a cancellation or modify a booking).
  • The focus for each venue is to help you increase revenue whilst at the same time decrease the amount of time spent on lettings due to the current system. This software has been designed to focus on efficiency and
    increase revenue
  • The site simplifies facility hire and brings all the information customers need to their fingertips; as efficiently as possible. Each customer will be able to manage their account e.g. making bookings. The website brings the customer closer to our management team and allows an easy way to interact