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“We have teamed up with Merseyside IBD Group to spread awareness and assist with the excellent work they are doing.

Merseyside IBD Group are a Community Interest Company that help individuals with Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis, which is categorised as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We alleviate symptoms that derive from IBD. As a result, we ensure a better quality of life. We do this by

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dealing with each individual aspect of the illness. We provide support for mental well-being, physical well-being and diet. We believe the best way for IBD to be in remission is for you to have control it.”


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Our letter doesn’t constitute a diagnosis. ESA letter would be the letter from the accredited wellness expert that has been in control of your emotional or mental disorder therapy. An ESA letter for housing does not need to be getesa.com/ within a particular timeframe.

Letter is going to be emailed in a PDF file with regular processing. Your ESA letter is going to be respected by airlines, landlords, and so on, but only as long as it’s supported through an actual, state-licensed doctor. There are 3 different kinds of letters for ESA dogs that are all for different purposes and each of them must be issued by a mental health professional.